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Brian Rosenthal

Brian Rosenthal founded RoboCommerce after having been a veteran of the "dot-com" era, having co-founded MyBestHealth, Inc., a Los Angeles-based medical outcomes company, specializing in hospital-based patient education programs and patient-education web tools. Prior to his experience at MyBestHealth, he worked briefly at Microsoft and was part of the founding team at Idiom Technologies, a Cambridge-based premier provider of localization solutions to the Fortune 500. Mr. Rosenthal holds a joint BA/MS in Computer Science from Harvard University.

Zvi Boshernitzan

Zvi Boshernitzan founded RoboCommerce after having worked closely with MyBestHealth, Inc's product development. Prior to consulting for MyBestHealth, Mr. Boshernitzan worked at Ars Digita, a premier web development company, focusing on database-driven web applications. Mr. Boshernitzan holds a BA in Biology from Rice University.