About Us
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Too often, focus on business and its management leads to compromises in integrity, conflicts of interest, and loss of broader perspective. We seek to address each of these areas in the RoboCommerce Code of Ethics.

Our primary focus is helping companies make good strategic and technical decisions. As stewards of these decisions, we recognize the very important role we play in the interests of our clients. Therefore, we have the following explicit policies:

  • We do not engage in work that violates our standards of integrity, and we seek to enhance our client relationships founded on trust.
  • We protect the privacy of our clients' information, realizing that as consultants, understanding our client in ways that may be publicly confidential is often necessary to be effective, and impossible without being worthy of such trust.
Conflicts of Interest
  • We do not accept gifts from vendors, above $100.
  • We accept no commissions on recommending vendors to our clients, unless this is disclosed in advance to the client in writing.
  • We maintain open communication with our clients throughout our development.
  • This involves timeframe alterations, prototype previews, and rapid resolution of concerns.
  • We are client-driven, and are committed to maximizing our positive impact on our client. We never advise clients to consider solutions if we know that alternatives exist that better fit their need, either within our company or external to our company.
People First
  • If we've learned anything over the years, we've learned that projects succeed when people put people first.
  • Our client relationships are empathy-driven, with a realization that our work impacts people's lives, and hopefully leaves them with a greater understanding of their business, as much as each project leaves us with a greater understanding of our own.