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Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization is the most important investment an e-commerce company can make.
Search Engine Optimization requires a multi-pronged approach:

Link Popularity

Page Rank, or link popularity, is an absolute requirement for high rankings, and you need a page rank of at least a "PR 5" to get decent placement. We coordinate reciprocal linking programs, recruit one-way links, and buy high-PR direct links to get your jump-start your site's PR.

Filename optimization

Also a pre-requisite to high ranking. Filenames, along with titles and incoming link text are the most important factors that indicate what each page of your site is about. If your product names still look like "subcatmancfg.asp?pid=847", you're missing a good opportunity to benefit from filename optimization.


The faster your pages respond, the more pages Google's web spider can download (literally, it only spends a limited amount of time on your site). If you have a dynamic site, and you haven't started a mod-rewrite strategy, Google may not be indexing more than a small part of your site.

Code optimization

We specialize in clever strategies to optimize the actual HTML code on your site to make it clearer to search engines.


We can help you create message boards and other strategies to increase your content, so that your site has more unique offerings for visitors, and in turn is higher-ranked by search-engines.