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We offer the following hosting services, and we offer very affordable customizations of these services.
Package Setup Monthly
Zope Sites (with content management) $100 $100
Plone Sites (with content management) $100 $100
Weblog hosting $49.99 $29.99

* We usually bill either quarterly or semi-annually to simplify our accounting. If you pay annually, we offer a 10% discount on any hosting package.

Key reasons to choose RoboCommerce for your hosting needs:
  • Directly connected to many of the world's Tier 1 backbones including UUNet, NTT/Verio, Level 3, AboveNet, and peering at PAIX, the original Internet Exchange.
  • Fulll 100 Mbps connections.
  • Each server uses Cisco.s redundant Hot Standby Routing Protocol (HSRP). This means that if there is a problem with one router due to maintenance or failure, your server automatically and seamlessly begins sending traffic over the other router without any interruption in traffic flow.
  • Technical Support
    • Turnkey installation (your account comes with Sugar CRM installed and ready to run)
    • Updates as they come out
    • Nightly Backups
    • Fanatical support (phone and email based support)
    • You'll get two cell phone numbers to call in case of emergencies (which for the forseeable future are two key partners)
  • 100 MB mysql space
  • 25 GB transfer / month
  • No restrictions at all on the number of accounts.
  • Access to our development team for customization or additional modules (development costs not included in our hosting fee will be quoted per project).