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Nephrology Shift Management.
We have collaborated with Stephen Z. Fadem, MD to build an AJAX-enabled web service which lets you record which patients you see, and when, so you can more easily organize your billing for your comprehensive and interim visits.

We have a demo available at:
username: guest
password: Guest123

We designed the system to preserve patient privacy by securing storage:
  • All patient information is encrypted, with a strong master password.
  • The password itself is not stored on the machine. Instead, encrypted versions of the password are stored, encrypted with each user's password.
  • So, logged in users can decrypt information, but neither the database, nor the file system, nor a combination thereof contain enough information to decrypt the patient information.
... securing transmission:
  • HTTPS is required for all transmissions.
... auditable:
  • We keep an activity log, for every change to the system.
  • We also keep a log of invalid login attempts.
... and we make reasonable efforts to preserve password security:
  • We require strong passwords.
  • We auto-log users out after a short period of inactivity.
  • We also keep a log of invalid login attempts.
Pricing is quite reasonable and involves a setup fee and monthly hosting. Please contact us for pricing details.