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Management requires measurement.
Effective advertising is the single most important factor to the success of e-commerce ventures, and RoboCommerce offers conversion tracking by campaign, by keyword, by search engine, and by domain.

Our unique dimensional reports allow you to view different dimensions of your data so that you can see trends that some more limited reporting systems might miss.

Bottom Line: You'll know when your advertising is making money, and when it is not.

RoboCommerce reports clarify your business performance:
  • Order reports: by day, by hour, by site, by coupon, by customer. Taxes, shipping, totals.
  • Product sales reports: By manufacturer or product.
  • Inventory reports: By product, with aggregate statistics over previous month and suggested re-order amounts.
  • Campaign reports: By source, by keyword, by domain.
  • Products viewed that are out of stock.
  • Call Center Representative tracking.