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Zvi Boshernitzan
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Zvi Boshernitzan
Zvi Boshernitzan founded Robocommerce in 2003, and has consulted extensively for companies throughout the retail space, through boshernitzan.com.

Zvi Boshernizan is currently involved in helping kiva.org scale its web site as it receives national publicity from the New York Times, Time Magazine, CNN, and other media outlets. Zvi is proud of his work with kiva.org, because he believes in the power of technology to help entrepreneurs around the world.

Prior to founding Robocommerce, Zvi Boshernitzan worked at MyBestHealth, a medical software company specializing in hospital web tools. Prior to consulting for MyBestHealth, Zvi Boshernitzan worked at Ars Digita, a premier web development company, focusing on database-driven web applications. Zvi Boshernitzan holds a BA in Biology from Rice University.